Bathroom Mirrors in Nashville, TN by Shower Doors of Nashville who specialize in Custom Mirrors


If you’re looking for bathroom mirrors, then you’re in luck! We offer 1/8 & 1/4 Mirrors in a variety of colors and Antique finishes, custom cut to your needs – No more shopping around looking for the right size or style.

Our mirrors will make the perfect finishing touch to your decor. Shower Doors of Nashville’s custom mirrors add depth to any room they are placed in. Our mirrors can be used as bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, door mirrors, or full length. Many mirrors can be framed with quality material and craftmanship, or have a simple, frameless glass with beveled edges.

When it comes to buying a mirror for your home, don’t settle for just anything. You want to create the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of, so choose a mirror that will add something special no matter where it’s placed.

Decorative Glass Table Tops

Square, Round, and Rectangle Shaped Decorative Glass Table Tops are available at Shower Doors of Nashville. Edge and corners are expertly polished.

We have provided tabletop glass for our customers from the very beginning. Do you have a favorite table that needs a new glass? If you have a tabletop in need of replacement we’re here to help.

Decorative Glass Table Tops in Nashville, TN - Shower Doors of Nashville
Wine Rooms using Decorative Glass Cabinets in Nashville, TN- Shower Doors of Nashville

Decorative Cabinet Glass

A variety of decorative glass to meet your needs in any Cabinet Door project for your home in Nashville, TN. Choose from colored glass inserts in kitchen cabinet doors, pantry doors, or decorative windows to make your kitchen more enjoyable.

We can work with frosted, pattern, obscure, or antique-style for kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors, hutches, and built-in cabinets. We can help you change out and replace the glass panels in your cabinets at any time.

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Wine Rooms

Over the years, our experts have designed beautiful glass wine room enclosures for both residential and commercial applications. These are sealed with clear polycarbonate seals to help maintain the perfect temperature for wine preservation. From over-sized doors to hydraulic hinges, our team has designed some of the most complex and technically difficult applications imaginable.

Wine Rooms using Decorative Glass Cabinets in Nashville, TN- Shower Doors of Nashville
Decorative Glass Railings and Staircases by Shower Doors of Nashville

Decorative Glass Railings and Staircases

Let’s keep the beautiful view throughout your house, patio & balcony with our frameless glass. Decorative glass railings and balustrades are loved by designers for their durability, safety, and elegant appearance. It provides a safe, sturdy barrier without sacrificing an open floor concept.

Decorative Door Glass

Perhaps you want the dining room in your luxury home to be on display while keeping the celebration contained. We can create a stunning space with the addition of a frameless decorative glass room enclosure. Could your office use a conference room that demands respect while keeping your space bright and open? Frameless glass is the answer.

frameless custom decorative glass doors in Nashville, TN - Shower Doors of Nashville