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Custom Shower Doors, Wine Cellars, and Decorative Glass

We specialize in frameless glass shower doors and enclosures. Our glass enclosures are meticulously measured, professionally installed, and enjoyed for a lifetime. Every enclosure is designed and custom-built to reflect each customer’s personal needs and style, from traditional to modern.

Why Go Frameless?

Frameless shower enclosures are designed with 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass and minimal hardware. The thick heavy glass itself adds stability to a seamless shower enclosure structure which eliminates the use of metal framing. Frameless shower doors swing both outward and inward which allows for water to drain back into the shower. Frameless Shower enclosures are easier to maintain, easy to customize, add value to your home.

What Makes Us Different?

Shower Doors

For a sleek and understated look, we offer a truly frameless system. We also offer semi-frameless styles as well as on-trend gridscape panels.


We offer 1/8 & 1/4 Mirrors in a variety of colors and antique finishes, custom cut to your needs.

Glass Top Desks

Do you have a favorite table that needs new glass? If you have a tabletop in need of replacement we’re here to help

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

A variety of decorative glass to meet your needs in any cabinet door project

Wine Cellars

Let us create a beautiful, temperature and humidity controlled display for your wine collection.

Glass Railing

Maintain a picturesque view throughout your home, patio, and balcony with our elegantly crafted decorative glass.

Shower Doors of Nashville

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Our team at Shower Doors of Nashville specializes in luxurious frameless glass shower doors and enclosures. Our frameless enclosures are meticulously measured, professionally installed and enjoyed for a lifetime!

Every shower enclosure is designed and custom-built to reflect each client’s personal needs. Our goal is to assist you in designing a frameless shower enclosure that will bring a sleek, clean design to your bathroom while complementing your overall design style ranging. From modern to traditional

Stop Corrosion Before it Starts

Bathroom glass has many enemies. Hard water, heat, humidity, soap and cleaning agents can corrode glass surfaces and dull their appearance. With ShowerGuard coated glass, homeowners can protect their shower enclosure for years to come.

Low Iron Glass
Less iron, more wow

UltraClear glass has reduced iron content for beautifully transparent results. Unlike standard glass, there’s no green tint to be seen. UltraClear glass is clear to the edge—no matter the glass size or thickness. It renders background colors, textures and images with impressive fidelity. And lets in abundant light to create spaces that feel bright, open and boundless.

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Shower Doors of Nashville is located in Hendersonville, TN, and is dedicated to exceeding expectations and creating custom designs tailored to each client’s needs.

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