Glass shower doors and decorative glass in Hendersonville, TN

Are you wanting to upgrade your bathroom and home? Take a look at the beautiful glass shower doors and custom decorative glass in Hendersonville, TN at Shower Doors of Nashville. Our sleek glass shower doors and enclosures don’t have frames, are simple to keep clean, and can be made just how you like. Keep reading to find out how we can make your home look more elegant with the beauty of glass!

custom built for you

We make each enclosure just for you, matching your style, whether you like classic or modern looks. We aim to understand your goals and turn it into beautiful designs that can make any part of your home look better.

designs that last

We measure and put in our glass enclosures with care to make sure you enjoy them for years. Our materials don't easily corrode or wear out, so you can trust that your glass will last a long time.

a variety of services

Besides shower doors and decorative glass in Hendersonville, TN, we also know a lot about glass for other parts of the house. We can help with mirrors, wine cellars, glass cabinets, railings, desks, and more.

Why go frameless?

Opting for frameless glass shower doors and enclosures for your home is a smart choice. These doors are easy to keep clean and add beauty, customization, and value to your home. When you go for glass shower doors in Hendersonville, TN, you enjoy all these perks. Our frameless glass enclosures are carefully crafted with 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass and minimal hardware. The glass thickness ensures stability without requiring metal framing, giving you a seamless structure. With options for doors that swing in and out or slide, these frameless enclosures offer convenience and flexibility. They're not just simple to maintain and customize but also contribute to enhancing the overall value of your home.

easy maintenance

Keeping frameless glass shower doors clean is easy because they don't have metal frames or places where dirt can collect. Just a quick wipe with glass cleaner is enough to keep them shiny and clean.

aesthetically pleasing

Frameless glass looks better because it gives a clear, smooth view, making things feel modern and open. It lets in more light, making any space look nicer without needing big frames.


Making frameless glass just how you want it is easy. There's not much hardware or big frames, so you can make the glass fit your style, perfect for any room. You can choose from different options like Rain, Satin, Obscure, and Ultra-Clear patterns, or low-iron glass.

adds value to your home

Putting in frameless shower doors and decorative glass in your home makes it look modern and elegant, which boosts its value. The stylish design and open feeling also make it more appealing to buyers if the time comes to sell your home.


Our Services

Shower Doors

Get a clean and simple look with our frameless system. We also have options with partial frames and gridscape panels to match your style.


Pick your preferred colors and vintage finishes for our 1/8 & 1/4 mirrors.

Glass Top Desks

If your table's surface is worn out, we can put new glass on it.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

We can install glass cabinets with various decorative glass options for any cabinet door project you have in mind.

Wine Cellars

We can make a lovely display for your wine collection, making sure to control temperature and humidity just right.

Glass Railing

Keep a beautiful view in your home, patio, and balcony with our well-crafted decorative glass.

create a luxurious space
with Shower Doors of Nashville

Fed up with the hassle of finding custom glass shower doors nearby? No need to look any further! Visit Shower Doors of Nashville in Hendersonville, TN! We specialize in providing tailored designs just for you, along with excellent customer service and affordable options to enhance your home's elegance and luxury. Our designs are exact and personalized to match your style and home. Reach out to Shower Doors of Nashville today for fantastic shower doors and custom decorative glass in Hendersonville, TN.


What Our Clients Say


“Absolutely flawless service from start to finish. Steve and his team are the best of the best. His team knocked it out of the park. Kyle and John were professional and courteous during the install. He’s got some good guys working for him. Would recommend them highly.”

- Larry D.

Absolutely loved the entire process! Steve was quick with communication, appointments, and follow up. The doors arrived and were installed 2 days before the original date. Bonus! Highly recommend”

- Clair P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we get about glass shower doors and custom decorative glass in Hendersonville, TN:

is it really custom?

Absolutely! We're experts in frameless glass shower doors and enclosures, providing decorative glass choices for your home. No matter your interior style and preferences, we've got you covered.

how do i maintain my glass?

Use a mix of equal parts vinegar and water or a gentle glass cleaner to get rid of stains. Wipe with a soft cloth or squeegee after each use to prevent water spots. Avoid harsh cleaners or tools that could scratch the glass. Our ShowerGuard coated glass gives extra protection against corrosion, making cleaning simpler.

can frameless glass doors go on any type of flooring?

Yes, absolutely! Frameless glass doors work well with different types of floors like tile, hardwood, or concrete. As long as your floor is flat and strong, we can install frameless glass. During our talk with you, we'll figure out the best way to install based on your flooring.

Our Process

Get in touch

Get in touch with us either online or by phone to start talking about your project. We'll chat about your goals and budget, and then we'll begin designing based on that info.


Once we've gathered all the details and understand what you need, we'll create an enclosure that fits your space just right. We'll measure carefully and choose a design that looks good and works well.


Once we're done designing, we start putting in your new glass enclosure. Our aim is to install it neatly and smoothly, and we're here to answer any questions you have!


After we finish installing, we check everything carefully to make sure it's up to our quality standards and meets your expectations. We're always here to make sure you're happy with how it turned out.

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At Shower Doors of Nashville, we love enhancing homes with frameless shower doors, enclosures, mirrors, wine cellars, and custom decorative glass in Hendersonville, TN, and nearby areas.

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